Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc.

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Auto Repair Shop and Towing Company in Greenville, North Carolina

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Fixing faulty brakes on any vehicle is an urgent job for obvious reasons. Here at Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. we promise to have your vehicle back on the road quickly. If your brake pedal goes to the floor or you hear squeaking coming from the brake then call us right away and we will give you an estimate for the work.
automotive inspections 


At our location in Greenville, North Carolina, our qualified auto service staff are experienced at all kinds of vehicle inspection. From basic checks to state required inspections such as emissions testing, all you have to do is give is a call on (252) 344-1978 and we will do the rest quickly and efficiently.

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Vehicle towing is a 24/7 operation for us here at Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc.. Our staff will tow light duty vehicles and motorcycles anywhere within North Carolina. We offer abandoned vehicle removal, side-of-the-road pickups, and private tow-aways. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and our excellent customer service!

About Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. 

Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. is a vehicle service and towing firm that has been established in Greenville, North Carolina, for the past 30 years. We have a team of expert qualified mechanics who know the inside of a car like the back of their hand. As a family owned and operated company we have a first-class reputation in the community we serve, our pricing structure is honest and affordable, and our towing rates for drivers in and around Greenville are highly competitive.

Although our automotive repair service is five days a week, Monday thru Friday, we operate a 24/7 towing service. If you are unfortunate enough to break down and need roadside help within a 25-mile radius of Greenville then we will help you any time of the day or night. If you need a jump start or a tire change, or if you have locked yourself out of your vehicle, then don’t hesitate to call us.

Car Batteries and AC Repairs 

At Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. we carry out regular checks and inspections of car batteries and, if necessary, we will change them. Changing a car battery is a relatively straightforward job for our highly-trained team of mechanics, although in some vehicles the battery is located in an area that is difficult to access, such as under the front bumper. Our technicians prefer to do any battery work on a special lift at our shop because, especially in newer cars, the batteries can be difficult to access.

We will also take care of all the air conditioning and heating needs in your vehicle, whether you require a repair, a complete service, a motor or a heater core. Many of our competitors will not do the heating and a/c jobs you want – but at Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. we will do them all for you. Sometimes an air conditioning repair means removing the dashboard. 
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