Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. - Roadside Assistance 

Towing and Fuel Delivery in Greenville, North Carolina 
If you find yourself stranded by the side of the road in or near Greenville, North Carolina, for whatever reason then make sure Anderson & Sons Automotive, Inc. is your first port of call. We offer a 24/7 towing service to cover all emergencies and we have a fleet of trucks suitable for towing most vehicle sizes.

It may be that your vehicle has run out of gas, miles from the nearest service station; that you have suffered a blowout; locked yourself out of your vehicle with no way of unlocking the door; or that your car has simply conked out and needs a jump start.
roadside assistance surrounding greenville north carolina 

If we are unable to start your vehicle or get it off the road to a place of safety then we will tow it back to our premises in Greenville and repair the problem there.

With 30 years of experience in roadside assistance under our belts, we have a team of mechanics who are experts at diagnosing the problem, and will deal with you in a courteous and professional manner. We also pride ourselves in offering all customers a highly competitive and affordable pricing structure.

If you are involved in an accident, we have an auto wrecker truck that we will bring to the scene. We have the capability to tow the damaged vehicle away and clean up the crash debris.

Our technicians can get you back into a vehicle if you have had the misfortune of locking yourself out. They routinely use a wedge or a Slim Jim unlocking device to solve the problem.

The towing service we offer covers a 25-mile radius of Greenville and we maintain a fleet that includes a motorcycle hook and can tow anywhere in the state of North Carolina.

So call us today on (252) 344-1978 if you need our help.